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27 May 1985
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I am a twenty-seven year old part time college student and full time World of Warcraft player. :-) I am studying to become a vet tech student, so yes, I adore animals! Especially birds and dogs. My other interests include gaming, celebrity news/gossip, reading, writing, cooking, swimming, watching movies, playing board games, skyping, and much more!

Picture of me. ^

Picture of my adorable dog, Suri. ^

This is a picture of my dad, who passed away in March 2012 from a very bad type of cancer (esophageal). PLEASE educate yourself and know the risk factors/warning signs of this very fatal type of cancer. The 5YR survival rate is under 15%, and most people die within the first year of being diagnosed. My dad lived just over 11 months from when he was first diagnosed. :-(